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November 26, 2012

Website optimization and redesigns can be overwhelming to achieve with such an abundance of web tools and techniques out there. Finding the right one was the challenge of travel/vacation site,, while trying to improve their key website metrics.

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About Case Study


Following the new redesign launch of, visitor bounce rates increased while downloads, the crucial conversion rate of the website, dropped significantly.

They needed answers as to why their new, improved site was failing to reach business goals.


After teaming up with Paramore and ClickTale, learn how the travel site was able to:

  • Effectively see their visitors’ online behavior and understand customer intent
  • Implement an effective and efficient redesign/optimization strategy that achieved both customer and business goals
  • Radically improve site performance, including increased conversion rates

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How the Experts Do Web Optimization

November 12, 2012

Wondering how to save 80% of your time on web page analysis? Or better yet, how to present your analysis reports at department meetings?

IMG 12112012 1150121 How the Experts Do Web OptimizationClickTale’s Time-Saver Project Template is meant for analytics beginners and buffs alike to help you achieve three goals:

✓ Maximize your website’s effectiveness
✓ Cut down hours off of your analysis processes
✓ Become a team leader amongst your colleagues

Page by page you are guided through the before, after and during of your website analysis process. All questions are already asked and next steps are already outlined.

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ClickTale and Optimizely Integrate for Smarter A/B and Multivariate Testing

Ora Svetlana Levit
November 1, 2012

Earlier this year, we were flipping through Wired magazine when we chanced upon a fascinating article on how the Director of Analytics for Barack Obama’s 2008 Presidential Campaign introduced the team to A/B testing. The tests he ran increased sign-up conversions, raising an extra $75 million in donations (over $100 million in donations total). Incredible!

After wrapping up the successful campaign as Director of Analytics, Dan Siroker went on to co-found Optimizely, a tool designed to make A/B testing easy for anyone, including ordinary marketing folk. Optimizely’s platform uses a powerful graphical interface that lets clients drag, resize, retype, insert and delete on the fly. We knew that we wanted to be working with these guys!

A Winning Combination

After a few months of development, we are now very proud to offer ClickTale customers the chance to tightly integrate their recordings and heatmaps with Optimizely’s A/B and multivariate testing platform.

When you’re running a test, Optimizely shows you which version converts better, taking the guesswork out of design changes. Integrating an A/B testing tool like Optimizely with a heatmapping tool like ClickTale, can help you understand the reasons behind visitor behavior, valuable information that can help you significantly improve your website’s performance level.

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