2012’s eCommerce Salary Survey Results Are In!

After an overwhelming response from eCommerce professionals worldwide, the eCommerce Salary Survey Results are in! Now you can learn how your salary, experience, and professional value stack up to your industry peers.

Download the results and find out:

  • Which fields within eCommerce pay top dollar
  • Which skills result in higher salary
  • Does higher education mean higher pay
  • What are the growing eCommerce trends for 2013
  • And much more!

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Education can increase your eCommerce salary by 87% with a graduate school degree earning $62K and post-grad earning $116K

Women working in eCommerce earn higher salaries than men

1/3 of eCommerce companies are not prepared for mobile commerce

Hardware and home improvement website professionals are the highest paid eCommerce professionals in the world


eCommerce professionals in their late 50s make double the salary of those in their 30s