ClickTale Now Integrates with Visual Website Optimizer!

Jonny Steel
January 24, 2013

Visual Website Optimizer logo ClickTale Now Integrates with Visual Website Optimizer!More and more websites are making A/B and multivariate testing a central element of their web optimization strategy. Every website should be applying an approach that we call the Online Optimization Cycle™ , involving web analytics, ClickTale and a testing solution.

How to Implement the Online Optimization Cycle™

  • Start by analyzing site performance with your web analytics and digging deeper with ClickTale Heatmaps and Visitor Playback to reveal how customers behave inside your web pages. This will uncover what you should change.
  • Next, you need to test these hypotheses through an A/B or multivariate test. Try two or more versions side-by-side and see which one your customers respond to best.
  • Finally, you may have discovered your winner, but you don’t necessarily know why. You now need to run a post-test analysis with ClickTale to understand how the new version impacted on the way customers behave. This in turn provides inspiration for your next test. And so the cycle begins again.

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Welcome to the ClickTale Training Hub

January 16, 2013

Interested in a quick run-through of the ClickTale tool?

teacher owl Welcome to the ClickTale Training Hub
Sign up NOW for a live training session with one of our Product Specialists and learn:

  • How to use the tool efficiently
  • What time management skills are needed to bring good results
  • Which features best suit your website needs
  • How to analyze data at your fingertips


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3 Quick Tips to Breeding a Healthy Mobile Web

January 14, 2013

All the trends tell us that mobile browsing is here to stay, but in the rush to “go mobile” many websites forget the new device comes with a new set of usability guidelines, constraints and best practices. Mobile is not just a new way to play, it’s a brand new game, with a new set of rules, and has to be treated as such.

mobile money 3 Quick Tips to Breeding a Healthy Mobile Web

What your Mobile Website Does

Your mobile site should not just be seen as a companion to your website, but as its own showroom for your products or services. Visitors will often decide whether to return to your site via their PC based on their experience of your mobile offering. With mobile web usage currently making up over 22% of all web visits, and predicted to more than double within the next two years, it’s no secret that mobile is going to change the way we browse, shop and play online.

What’s less well known, but just as relevant to website owners, is that nearly 40% of new customer will first visit your site on their mobile device, and then decide whether to visit on a desktop. This has recently created a culture that dictates the big web players are now designing for mobile first, desktop second.

With this information in mind, usability for mobile must focus on 3 fundamental requirements: concise text, pared down design and user-friendly functionality.

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