ClickTale Now Integrates with Visual Website Optimizer!

More and more websites are making A/B and multivariate testing a central element of their web optimization strategy. Every website should be applying an approach that we call the Online Optimization Cycle™ , involving web analytics, ClickTale and a testing solution.

How to Implement the Online Optimization Cycle™

  • Start by analyzing site performance with your web analytics and digging deeper with ClickTale Heatmaps and Visitor Playback to reveal how customers behave inside your web pages. This will uncover what you should change.
  • Next, you need to test these hypotheses through an A/B or multivariate test. Try two or more versions side-by-side and see which one your customers respond to best.
  • Finally, you may have discovered your winner, but you don’t necessarily know why. You now need to run a post-test analysis with ClickTale to understand how the new version impacted on the way customers behave. This in turn provides inspiration for your next test. And so the cycle begins again.

Improve Usability and Maximize Conversion Rates

At ClickTale we love it when you’re using a testing solution because this is the best way to put to the test the great ideas you got from ClickTale to improve usability and maximize conversion rates. We are therefore very pleased to have integrated with another of your favorite providers, Visual Website Optimizer. This new integration ensures that our Visitor Playback captures the exact version each visitor saw and lets you search and filter by those different variants.

It is extremely simple to integrate, requiring just one click to start, and doesn’t cost you a penny. All you need is a ClickTale and Visual Website Optimizer account. More details are available on our Wiki.

Paras Chopra, Founder and CEO of Visual Website Optimizer said, “The entire team is very excited to announce the integration with ClickTale. The combined power of quick 10-minute A/B test creation via the visual editor we provide and the immensely intuitive movie recordings that ClickTale provides is definitely going to help our joint customers increase their conversion rates and sales at an unprecedented pace.”

Our latest testing integration comes after already integrating with Adobe Test&Target, Maxymiser, Optimizely and Google Analytics Content Experiments.

Have you combined ClickTale with A/B testing and have a great story to tell? We would love to hear from you!

About Visual Website Optimizer

Visual Website Optimizer is an easy to use A/B and Multivariate testing tool that allows marketing professionals to create different versions of their websites and landing pages using a point-and-click editor (no HTML knowledge needed!) and then see which version produces maximum conversion rate or sales. Integrating their split testing software is dead-simple: copy-paste a code snippet in your website once and you are ready to go live! Visual Website Optimizer recently passed 2,000 paying customers across 50+ countries, and is well suited for both SMBs and Enterprises such as Microsoft, AMD, HP, Disney and Groupon.

About the Author

Jonny Steel is Director of Business Development at ClickTale, responsible for all partnerships, whether agencies or technology partners. With a background in e-commerce, he understands the desperate struggle websites face to understand what their customers are actually doing on the site. His main concern at ClickTale is developing a host of valuable integrations for our customers and ensuring that our valued partners are getting all the support they need. Jonny holds a law degree and MA in War Studies from Kings College, London.