Keeping Your Clients Engaged: Conversion Optimization for Law Firms

Filling long and exhausting forms and reading oceans of text in legalese may be part a lawyer’s typical day, yet it seems that visitors to law firms’ websites expect a different experience.  New analysis shows that in order to generate leads online, law firms should avoid those habits that became synonymous with the trade.

A new post by John McDougall reviews how ClickTale can help law firms convert more of their website visitors through tracking user behavior and improving landing page conversion rates.  McDougall is the CEO of McDougal Interactive, an expert in online marketing for law firms and the publisher of The Lead Review.

As the article points out, most law firms are way too focused on driving traffic and are not focusing enough on converting the traffic that they already have to leads.  McDougall used ClickTale in order to track customers along their conversion funnel, see how far they scroll down, which links they click and how they interact with forms.

McDougall recommends that in the first stage of any analysis, website owners should start watching user recordings with the aim of putting themselves in their visitors’ shoes and see why users are not engaged more deeply.  Another good analysis is to watch users who come from a favorite keyword through organic search and track the experience that they are having.  Only from this analysis, he says, you can typically find a couple of quick wins such as JavaScript error or browser compatibility.

According to McDougall, form analytics is one of the most helpful features ClickTale offers.  For law firms, lead generation is one of the most important goals for the website.  Yet, according to McDougall, law firms use very long forms that typically have lower performance.  Another important feature is the Scroll-Reach map that can teach you what portion of users actually see your call to action.

Even for law firms, data and knowledge are key to a higher conversion rate and better user experience.  There is something in common for law and web analytics—good due diligence lets you win more cases and visitors.