Unleash The Analytics Superstar In You

What are the best strategies for slashing your marketing budget? Can you analyze the data at your fingertips effectively to increase conversion rates? Which ClickTale features best match your website’s needs?

ClickTale is now offering a series of FREE live training sessions with our Customer Experience Consultants and Product Specialists that give you the tools and ideas to optimize your usage of ClickTale, including:

  • Quick run-throughs introducing ClickTale’s value and capabilities
  • Advanced training teaching you how to use the tool efficiently

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Our value-packed series of webinars offers you the following sessions in the coming weeks:

Getting Started: ClickTale 101

Understand your customers’ online experience and improve the usability of your site to obtain better results. This webinar, designed for beginners, will be offered by experienced ClickTale Product Consultants and Account Managers on April 17, May 8 and June 5.

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Improving Usability

Examine websites in different industries and understand customer divisions and past mistakes, assessing what went wrong and how to implement changes that maximize benefits. Customer Experience Consultant Ora Levit looks at a range of websites and discusses how they have been improved, all in real time.

Improving Your Site Performance

Learn how to leverage current data to see what is really working on your website. By identifying bugs in real time and making changes while they are happening, Customer Experience Consultant Jessica Braman teaches you how to stop losing customers due to unidentified problems on your site.

Tracking and Optimizing Marketing Campaigns

If you’re spending too much on marketing campaigns, learn how to cut your marketing budget by identifying which elements of your campaigns give you the best ROI. Customer Experience Consultant Esther Shatz teaches you to use ClickTale to track how customers from different campaigns behave (and convert) on your site.

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