Boost Your Website’s Performance With 4 Simple Steps

As marketers we put a lot of effort into generating traffic to our website. However, the conversions may not be what we are looking for. So we put more effort into generating more traffic only to achieve the same results.  The problem with that is we’re focusing too much on the top of the funnel and not spending enough time figuring out how to bring them down the funnel. Now you’re probably asking yourself, where should I begin? Well, we’ve put together 4 simple steps you can take in order to improve your website’s performance.


1) Javascript Errors
This is probably the simplest of areas to drill down into and understand why visitors are not converting, or are having issues interacting with your website. There’s a definite quick fix to achieve instant results. Looking at where and when the Javascript errors are occurring, you can go back to the code or bring it to your developer and fix the error. Once it is fixed you can see an immediate jump in the conversion rate.

  • What does that mean for you? Imagine you had a Javascript error in your checkout form. Knowing it exists can often come too late, and you’re losing customers. Knowing about it ahead of time can eliminate this problem.

2)      Engagement Times Rather Than Visit Duration
More often than not, when we focus on web analytics we’re focusing on how long the page has been open for.  We like to think that this seemingly gives us an indication to the level of interest the visitor has for that page. What if the person walked away for a while and had the web page open?
A more accurate indication of interest is engagement time. We like to look at the engagement time or even attention time on that page. By focusing on the levels of interaction through mouse movesclicking, scrolling, and hovering we can find what content the visitors care about the most, what they read, and what they completely skip over. Once we have the full picture we can make the necessary changes to increase engagement on the pages.

  • What is the difference between customers who spend 10 seconds on your page or 30 seconds on your page? Do one of those groups convert better? If so, what is that user group doing differently? Once you understand the engagement time, your page will automatically convert better!

3)      Better Call To Action
This is something common throughout all industries.  It doesn’t matter what you’re selling or how you’re selling it. Your Call To Action is really important. If you’re having issues with with your Call To Action button it might be time reexamine the location, color, and/or the wording and then testing it out.

  • We always recommend putting at least one main Call To Action above the fold.
  • Try testing out different colors. Certain color creations have different emotional actions.
  • What you’re saying should be strong and it should also stand out. You want them to click on that button, do so by making it actionable.

4)      Clutter Overload
When you look at the bounce rate do you ever wonder why it’s so high? Was it a hard bounce, medium bounce, or soft bounce? It could be there’s too much clutter on the page. When there’s too much clutter people have to ask themselves where is the Call To Action? Why did I come here again? Where should I be clicking? It’s really important to have a focus on a page.

  • ‘Clutter’ is subjective. The question is: is what the visitor looking for clear enough to find? If not, make sure it is to ensure that they get to it quickly and clicks through!

Once you’ve made a few changes to your website, do some testing. Compare the results before you made the changes. Using these 4 simple steps will help you improve your website’s performance and ultimately see higher conversion rates.

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