Online Content Marketing Differs From Social Media Marketing

Bob Geller, president of Fusion PR, just released his latest gem on Mazimize Social Business. In his latest piece, Don’t Let this Linchpin Wreck your Content Marketing, he talks about how online content marketing differs from social media marketing by relying on websites and pages as homes for content.

“The Content Marketing Institute explains: “The center of gravity for content marketing is a brand website — whether a branded URL like or a microsite for a brand’s specific product, like Amex’s Open Forum. Social networks are vital to the success of content marketing efforts, but here, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are used primarily as a distributor of links back to the content on the brand’s website — not as containers of the content itself.”

The content is often part of an effort that’s designed to attract prospects, capture their info, and bring them into the sales process. The goal is to use the content to entice and engage customers and coax them back to home base (just like with inbound marketing).

So, while you do need to ensure that the content is effective and of the highest quality, your efforts are for naught if the website doesn’t deliver.”

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