It Takes Two Heatmaps to Tango

Did you hear? We’ve just  announced the enhancement of our product offering with powerful new Side-by-Side Heatmaps. These new heatmaps provide unprecedented insights into online consumer behavior, helping companies boost site effectiveness by:

•             Revealing the causes of why an A/B test succeeds or fails, and providing insights for future tests

•             Understanding behavioral differences in different marketing campaigns and how to optimize marketing spend to maximize ROI

•             Easily identifying bugs and glitches in different browsers and mobile devices

What does this mean? We are always striving to roll out new and innovative solutions for our customers. Side-by-Side Heatmaps help to empower businesses to customize digital experiences through targeted landing pages, calls to action and campaigns, based on their users’ unique cultural, geographic and demographic segments. By placing heatmaps side-by-side, the ability to identify differences and potential improvements becomes more apparent, thereby helping businesses save time and resources in their analysis of website behavior.

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