A Case Study About Lead Generation From Our Partner: Crafted

Mitch Schneider
February 24, 2014

Reallymoving.com, a comparison website that helps people find the best price for moving services, increased their conversion rate by 18%, engagement time by 52% and reduced bounce rate by 10%.

A few words about Reallymoving.com:

Reallymoving.com provides price comparison quotes on a range of moving services including removals, conveyancing and surveys. Launched in 1999, the site currently generates leads equivalent to 40% of the moving home market in the UK.

reallymoving A Case Study About Lead Generation From Our Partner: Crafted

Challenge and Strategy

reallymoving1 A Case Study About Lead Generation From Our Partner: Crafted Crafted Media were tasked with redesigning their quote pages in order to generate an improved conversion rate. This would enable them to drive efficiencies in PPC spend, as well as convert more leads from their organic traffic sources.

Due to how successful they already are, a key challenge was introducing a new form design which needed to “hit the ground running” to ensure a steady flow of quotes. They couldn’t afford to have a period of trial and error while improvements were found. We focused on a period of intensive research through ClickTale, around user behavior and identifying possible abandonment points or unclear actions.


Optimizing Forms with ClickTale

  1. Uncovering common usability obstacles
    At first we focused on the aggregated data, particularly on the Mouse Move and Attention Heatmaps. Through these we could identify areas of the form that people were missing, resulting in an error message and possible abandonment, as well as whether they were searching for supporting information or being drawn away from the form into other areas of the site. Through this we identified several form fields which weren’t getting the appropriate level of attention, as well as possible distractions that would take a visitor away from the conversion funnel.
  2. Diagnosing the problem based on individual recordings
    Once we had the overall view we spent a lot of time viewing individual visits moving through the forms. Here we were particularly looking for specific use cases that weren’t handled in the best way. An example was that the date field required a four digit year, yet there wasn’t a specific error message explaining this and we noticed several visitors drop out at that point. In the new form we had a relevant error message and the option of using a date picker calendar, reducing friction at that point. reallymoving2 A Case Study About Lead Generation From Our Partner: Crafted
  3. Reacting to unusual funnels
    We also noticed lots of people moving through to pages such as “about us”, looking for more information on the site and its offering. We segmented the visits into those from paid search and it was particularly prevalent, presumably as people were being delivered directly to the form from a suitable action-orientated search phrase. Due to this we felt we needed to strengthen the comfort element of the forms, and give people reassurance on the quote page, keeping people in the funnel.
  4. Segmenting by different customer needs
    The scope of the project was for a redesign for the quote page across all 5 services offered by Reallymoving.com. Therefore it was crucial we were able to segment the ClickTale data by the different pages. This granularity ensured we were making informed decisions on individual pages, rather than simply focussing on the whole, which might not translate to the specific services.

Analysis and Findings

Once we had collated the findings from ClickTale we sat down with the design and copy teams and looked at messaging and layouts. Having ClickTale was a key element of that process as we could easily refer back to actual user experience examples when looking at Form Analytics or Attention Heatmaps.

The new form was a significant departure from the old one and was designed to solve as many issues raised by the ClickTale data as possible.

reallymoving3 A Case Study About Lead Generation From Our Partner: Crafted

The Results

The new form designs were A/B tested against the old using Google’s Website Optimiser and the results were significant. The benefit ranged from an observed improvement in conversion rate of between 8% and 18% across the 5 different services.

We reduced Bounce Rate by between 5% and 10%, but a key metric was an improvement in the time on the page of between 28% to 52%; clearly showing much greater engagement with the forms. Overall, there was a significant increase in the number of inquiries generated by the new forms.

Using ClickTale we continued to optimize the forms and went through an iterative process with additional tweaks as a result of user tracking which increased the conversion rate on an ongoing basis.




ClickTale Proudly Presents Side-By-side Heatmaps Webinar

Mitch Schneider
February 10, 2014

Watch on demand this 16 minutes webinar about the  ClickTale Side-by-Side Heatmaps and get answers to the following questions:

  • Do you segment your visitors but cannot visualize how each group interacts with your pages?
  • Do you run A/B tests but don’t really know why visitors reacted differently to each version?
  • Do you want to be able to compare visitors’ interactions before and after specific design changes?

ClickTale side by side heatmaps ClickTale Proudly Presents Side By side Heatmaps Webinar

See the new ClickTale Side-by-Side Heatmaps – what they look like, how they interacts with and how they can help you optimize your website for more profitability!


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Present and Future of Digital Analytics Featuring Vassilis Tourtouropoulos

February 3, 2014

On occasion, when faced with the simple question ‘Is being a digital analyst rewarding?’ the answer comes effortlessly: ‘Absolutely, yes!! Being part of an everyday revolution is life inspiring. Striving to create perfect digital journeys here at Jellyfish by testing, optimizing and daily mapping new user behavior, receiving new test results and insights into the different sections of these journeys, is breathtaking’.JellyFish Present and Future of Digital Analytics Featuring Vassilis Tourtouropoulos

In my heart, digital analytics is all about the passion for technology that can offer a market solution; about pure creativity in building ways to recreate your users experience so that you can learn from it; and about investigating to come up with the users’ facts: How do users actually interact with different elements and approaches on a page? How does a specific targeted segment’s behavior deviate from the average when on a specific device? How do these metrics change after testing a variation of a page based on a optimization hypothesis? As an optimizer – This type of data, plus reliable analytics tools & user behavior monitoring platforms that capture and effectively visualize them, are for me an absolute prerequisite before engaging with optimization projects at any level.

One of the main challenges for digital analysts in the next two years will be to choose the right set of methodologies or platforms that will offer effective visualization and data mining UIs (for example, natural language). These could in seconds give us the gist of millions of multidevice user journeys with provision for the latest developments in behavior-tracking technology, big data, mobile and multichannel attribution modeling based on segment personas globally, while correctly anticipating the next moves of the big players.

With many areas of the user/shopper’s behavior and interactions still unexplored, digital analytics is a field full with promises that will continue to grow exponentially in years & decades to come. It will also incorporate into its rationale neuro and cognitive science findings, enriching our digital media everywhere around us, and the different ways that they get integrated into our life, creating our daily ever-changing digital universe.

Vassilis Tourtouropoulos



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