Digital Customer Experience Trends 2014 (Recorded Webinar)

In the short video above is a snippet of the recent ClickTale webinar featuring guest speaker John Dalton from Forrester Research.

In the full webinar (watch here) he goes on to discuss the main trends and insights from the February, 2014 report: “Digital Customer Experience Trends, 2014”.

Some of the topics he covers in the full webinar include:

  • How consumer behaviors are changing in today’s multi-touchpoint marketplace.
  • Best-in-class examples of experiences that cross the digital/analog divide.
  • How failed digital experiences can have serious repercussions on profit and reputation.
  • The pursuit for user experience (UX) talent.
  • How the digitization of customer experience is impacting website design and measurement.

As always, feel free to add your comments to the webinar or to ask any additional questions in the comments section below.




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