Why Digital Customer Experience Matters…

This blog is dedicated to exploring the growing field of Digital Customer Experience, or DCX.

Customer Experience is a huge field that covers multiple disciplines, professions and practices. By definition it spans the entire life-cycle of a customer’s interaction with a certain company or product, from initial awareness through discovery and attraction to purchase and advocacy. It’s also intimately connected to the creation and maintenance of the ‘brand’.

In our commodity-hyped society, companies understand that experience all too often trumps price in the mind of the buyer. And with the market jammed with potential sellers, the company that wins is the company that builds the right perception in the mind of the customer – and keeps it there over time.

Digital Customer Experience

‘Digital’ Customer Experience deals specifically with how companies develop and maintain the experience of their brand in the digital or online world. So Digital Customer Experience (DCX) is the sum of experiences a customer has with a supplier of goods and/or services via digital touch-points including the web, mobile, tablet, social media and more.

And the results are woefully poor – with real customers time and again testifying to levels of online satisfaction that are in fact far lower than companies imagined they provided.

And so it is to plugging the customer experience gap that this blog is dedicated. Every week we will be providing unique insights based upon results from Clicktale software and elaborated upon by our specially trained consultants. This human/machine collaboration provides some unique behavioral and psychological insights into how customers truly experience a brand, company or product online. Clicktale software works by providing video recordings from anonymous browser sessions and then compiling those sessions into a range of advanced heatmaps that illustrate flows and areas of high and low activity on a site and within a page. Hard to explain really until you see it in action – and you will.

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