Case Study

JanSport grows mobile conversions, clickthroughs with Clicktale

JanSport leveraged Clicktale to grow mobile conversions by 21% and clickthroughs by over 700%.

Use Case

Granular customer experience: the key to smart redesign

Control testing and development costs, accelerate rollout and minimize risk for your next site re...


Want to increase mobile retail conversions? Check your filters!

Filters can work magic on mobile retail sites – if you get the UX right.


Clicktale insights on visual cues

Clicktale's tips and tricks on how to use visual cues to increase engagement and conversion, and...


Insights you can use to optimize the user experience on your site

Expert tips for creating exceptionally effective digital customer experiences.


Avoiding Mobile Mishaps

On small screens, usability is everything. Don’t let common UX design errors torpedo conversions.


6 Steps to Successful Online Customer Experience

CX Consultant Elisha Jacobsen shows how better customer experiences can help your business thrive.

Case Study

Telus: how much could your business save by improving its self-service experience?

For Telcos that want to increase self-service, website usability is king.


Deliver the mobile experience that customers expect

Jason Miller of Akamai Technologies strategizes with Akin Arikan of Clicktale on creating outstan...


Turning errors into opportunities

Today’s advanced marketing toolbox makes UX testing to uncover site errors easy for marketers to do.


The obsession with like

We’ve all done it - impulsively hit like. But why do we do it and what does it mean?


Build a strategic roadmap for website optimization

The impact of digital customer experience revenue makes website usability testing mission critical.


Video or text? Invest effectively in your content

Video is a powerful way to present content. But production is complex, expensive and time consuming.


The effectiveness of trendy website design

Not all fashionable web designs increase usability and align with how our brains are wired.


The psychology of color

Can color really communicate meaning to users, influence visitors’ perception or impact UX?


Clicktale and Rated People rock Europe’s Customer Festival in London

How Rated People enhanced their customer experience.


The Magic Behind Filters webinar

5 strategies from e-retail giants about how to optimize filters to increase mobile site sales.

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