On Browsers, Countries and Browsing Speed

Today I have decided to study the relationship between browsers, countries and browsing speed. For starters, let me explain how ClickTale measures browsing speed. What we do is measure the … Read More

Eating Your Own Dog Food

As you have probably guessed, we have been using our own service from day one and have collected quite a lot of data over time. We have been analyzing our … Read More

A Riddle

http://www.clicktale.com/r/( /r/foo.html + /r/bar.html + /r/buz.asp ).asp

ClickTale Gets Amazing Buzz

ClickTale gets more than 50 comments on TechCrunch. ClickTale gets more than 1000 diggs and more than 70 digg comments. Thousands of people have subscribed to our closed beta. Many interesting … Read More

ClickTale on digg

ClickTale has made it to the main page of digg. Thanks to all of you who have been digging. As expected, digg users are most concerned with privacy issues, though … Read More

ClickTale on TechCrunch

Ouriel from TechCrunch has published a great story about us on TechCrunch today. So welcome TechCrunch readers (we are readers ourselves)! Make sure you check out our main page, it … Read More

Happy Birthday ClickTale!

So excited to announce a birth of a new startup ClickTale. Here on the blog we will publish updates and news, as well as communicate with you. So visit www.clicktale.com … Read More