Seven Top Web-Analytics Experts to Follow on Twitter

Mitch Schneider
August 14, 2013

As web-analytics professionals, we all crave top notch, fresh content to expand our knowledge and stay up to date with what’s been going on in our industry. But our days are filled being pulled in many different directions, which can make it really challenging to keep up with all the new and top content on the web.

In order to be in the know and to advance your career, keep on top of best practices, cool tips and free website swag, you should acquaint yourself with these seven personalities if you’re not already following them already. Learn the terminology these well-established and up-and-coming digital and web analysts are using and what trends they are talking about; these are the words and phrases you’ll need to know and drop into web analytics conversations on a regular basis.

twitter bird follow me Seven Top Web Analytics Experts to Follow on Twitter

  • Avinash Kaushik @avinash – The original guru of web analytics, Avinash is now the Digital Marketing Evangelist at Google.
  • Jim Sterne @jimsterne – Founder of the eMetrics Summit and the Digital Analytics Association (DAA), Jim has been at the forefront of Internet marketing since the beginning.
  • Rudi Shumpert @RudiShumpert – The  man to follow for the latest on tag-management systems.
  • Justin Cutroni @justincutroni – The  new Google Analytics Advocate responsible for helping organizations to integrate data analysis into their decision making processes.
  • Adam Greco @adamgreco – A  long-standing member of the web-analytics community, Adam has been involved in shaping the industry to ensure that web-analytics data can be used to actively help businesses.
  • Gary Angel @garyangel – Gary is described by Semphonics as a groundbreaking pioneer.
  • Michele Kiss @MicheleJKiss – Michele has great articles on her old blog and is building up a new blog at Web Analytics Demystified, where she has recently become a partner.

7 Twitter Experts1 Seven Top Web Analytics Experts to Follow on Twitter


Why should you follow them? Because they are in the know! Whether you’re a rookie in web analytics or have already built a reputation for yourself, following these professionals will help you build an excellent knowledge base of what’s going on in the digital-analytics sphere. Stay on top of conferences, innovations, lectures; be updated whenever a new blog post or article is published; get comfortable with the vocabulary of web analytics; and communicate more closely with some of today’s top personalities in the digital-analysis world. After all, in this fast-paced industry, if you remain standing in the same place, you’re actually falling behind.

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Goodbye Clutter—Hello Increased Conversions: 4 Things You Can Learn from Facebook’s Newsfeed Makeover

Ariel Geifman
March 12, 2013

“Goodbye Clutter.”  The title that Facebook chose for their newsfeed makeover page says it all—the company is getting serious about user experience.  While Facebook has made some changes in the past in order to accommodate more images and video, it seems that now they even took it one notch higher.

Facebook Goodbye Clutter—Hello Increased Conversions: 4 Things You Can Learn from Facebook’s Newsfeed Makeover

If you are into user experience, it’s great to be working for Facebook.  Every day, hundreds of millions of highly engaged users spend hours on Facebook, making it one of the largest usability labs on earth.  On top of this, Facebook has the money and experts to analyze the data and come up with powerful usability insights.

So, Facebook has done the research, got the insights and built their new look. What works for Facebook can also work for you!  What can you learn from the Facebook newsfeed makeover that can increase conversion rates on your website?

1.     Vibrant visuals bring your site to life

A picture is worth a thousand words…  And Facebook decided to change their newsfeed to reflect that.  Facebook has decided to put more emphasis on visuals and take some of the emphasis away from text with its new look. I guess that nearly all of us had the experience where our images got far more shares, likes and comments as compared to our status updates without images.

Therefore, we need to learn from the new Facebook user experience to get more images to our sites.  Great visuals to add can range from product images to illustrations and eye catching infographics. Like in Facebook, images generate engagement and higher engagement leads to higher a conversion rate.

2.     Videos are here—big time

If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine what 30 frames per second can do!  Videos are now taking center stage and are more inviting and engaging than ever.  The reason for this is probably that Facebook learned that videos leave people on the site for longer and get more feedback.

Do you have videos on your site?  Do you have a plan for creating a video blog or video presentations for your products or services?  Professional looking videos are now easier to produce than ever, so take this advice from Facebook and get more videos on your site.

3.     Give people choice

Remember the guy from high school that’s constantly updating his feed and never stops?  Now you don’t have to see his updates anymore.  The days of one feed fits all are long gone and now you can choose which feed you want to see.  Your choice can range from all friends, most recent, music, games and more.

Is your website one size fits all?  A case study from shows that making it easier for users to navigate to the magazine that they are looking for boosted overall magazine sales by 28%.  Making sure that your visitors find it easy to navigate to the pages that they find interesting is likely to lower your bounce rate and increase the time users spend on your site.

4.     Go mobile

One of the major changes in the new makeover is a cleaner look for mobile.  Mobile is becoming a major source for traffic and should be on every site owner’s mind.  Yet, mobile user experience is very different from the desktop one.  Hand gestures instead of clicks mean that you need to optimize your site differently for mobile users, so follow the Facebook example and make sure that you are mobile friendly.

Do you like the new look?

Whether you like it or not, Facebook’s new look is here to stay.  Nevertheless, Facebook is one of the largest usability labs in the world, so make sure that you take the best insights that led to the newsfeed makeover and apply them to your site.

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