21 Great Tips on Website Form Optimization

Mitch Schneider
June 5, 2013

You can shed a lot of sweat and tears redesigning each page of your website, however if the last page of your funnel, the form(s), is not optimized with the same precision and personal touch as the pages before it, your time and money are as good as wasted.

ClickTale Giant Book Of Form Optimization 21 Great Tips on Website Form Optimization

Click here to download the eBook

After analyzing the forms of 830 of the web’s top performing websites, ClickTale has developed and summarized 21 of the most helpful tips in this easy-to-navigate Giant Book of Form Optimization. Learn all the key tips you need to personalize your web form redesigns according to both the industry and type of form you are optimizing, enabling your visitors to reach their goals, while simultaneously achieving your own.

This eBook is divided by the five usability components of web form analysis, including:

1)      The CTA (call to action)

2)      The Supporting Elements

3)      The Page Design

4)      The Form Field

5)      The Convenience Factor

Download the eBook if you want to optimize your forms for maximum conversions.

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Landing Page Optimization: 5 Killer Tips for Nailing Conversion Rates and Crushing Lead Gen Targets

Ariel Geifman
May 19, 2013

Bummer! you just missed another one. Someone clicked on your ad, took a few seconds to look at your page… But then, his mouse started going slowly upwards… and left… and before you know it he hits the back button and he’s gone. Probably forever… This is why you need to master landing page optimization techniques. The more landing page optimization you practice, the less back buttons you’re going to see.

Landing Page Optimization Landing Page Optimization: 5 Killer Tips for Nailing Conversion Rates and Crushing Lead Gen Targets

It takes only a few seconds for the landing page visitor to decide whether he or she is going to convert or add up to the grim statistic called “bounce rate”. This mere fact makes landing page optimization such a crucial process for every business aiming to increase online sales or lead generation.

In his 2005 book “Blink,” Malcolm Gladwell presents an idea from psychology and behavioral economics of a mental process called “blink”—an unconscious process that allows people to make decisions rapidly and automatically with relatively little information. On your landing pages “Blink” can work for you or against you—which is why some well-optimized pages get off-the-chart performance while others muddle along.

The main challenge when optimizing landing pages is that traditional web analytics tools offer very little insights to what users are doing on the landing page and what drives them to convert or leave. Conventionally, the best web analytics tools are designed to measure traffic between one page and the other, while stopping short of any analysis of what happens on the landing page itself. Web analytics reports are great if you want to measure traffic, but for measuring user experience you need something else…  Here are 5 tips that marketing pros leverage for optimizing landing pages:

1. Mouse Move heatmap

One of the major breakthroughs in user experience analytics is the discovery that there is an 84% to 88% correlation between mouse moves and eye movement.  Therefore, website mouse tracking offers an affordable alternative to costly eye tracking studies. In fact, mouse tracking can be one of the best ways to see what users are doing once they reach your landing page and is an invaluable tool in landing page optimization.

One of the best ways to optimize your lading page is to look at segmented mouse heatmaps. Examining the mouse movement tracking heatmaps for users who converted against heatmaps of users who did not convert can reveal powerful insights about the parts of the landing page that drive conversions and those that do not.

2. Mouse Movement Recordings

Bring the popcorn and sodas, you’re about to watch what your users are doing on your landing page.  Mouse movement recordings allow you to optimize your landing page by watching visitors’ mouse movements step by step. This is one of the best tools for understanding user experience—almost like looking your visitors over the shoulder.

This is also one of the more simple types of analysis that you can do in order to optimize your landing page.  No numbers, no reports, just putting yourself in your visitor’s shoes an trying to understand what makes them tick on your landing page.

3. Web Analytics Click Through Analysis

Here is a surprising fact—most of the clicks on your landing page are actually in places where there is no link… It’s not that you landing page visitors are not smart; it’s more about unclear user experience.  Click heatmaps can show you whether users are finding your landing page unclear, or think that some of the images or graphics are clickable.

Another important landing page optimization tactic with click through analysis is to see whether users click on your call to action. If the call to action is under the fold or users just don’t notice it, a landing page redesign may be in order. Your click heatmaps are a great tool for fixing these users experience issues and optimize your landing page.

4. Landing Page Form Analytics

The form on your landing page is the moment of truth.  All of the blood, sweat, work and tears, including tons of advertising dollars and web design effort went to this one crucial moment, which will determine whether you landing page will get another conversion or not.

You cannot complete a landing page optimization process without conducting a thorough form analysis.  This tool tells you which fields generate the highest abandonment rate on your landing page form. You can see the statistics for the proportion of users who’ve decided to abandon the form after each step. In some cases, removing one field can do wonders for your landing page conversion rate.

Another benefit of Form Analytics for your landing page is the ability to spot form validation problems that are hard to find any other way. For example, some international visitors have postal codes with more digits than what your form permits. All in all, form Analytics is crucial for every landing page optimization project.

5. Traffic Sources Analysis

Not all traffic is created equal.  With different advertising channels and keywords, it’s important to optimize your landing page to the different traffic sources. There are two ways that you can work on the optimization process:

First, see which traffic sources deliver the best value. If you can optimize your budget by moving some of the investment from channels with lower conversion to channels with higher conversion you immediately improve your ROI.

Second, conduct your landing page optimization by channel—examine your heatmaps, visitor recordings and form analytics to see whether you need to create additional landing pages for some channels. Just remember, “Blink” means that if your landing page didn’t resonate in the first few seconds, it probably never will.

Are You Ready to Optimize Your Landing Page?

Just a few seconds—and they’re gone.  This is what makes landing page optimization such a crucial endeavor for online marketers. Mastery of landing page optimization is what makes marketing superheroes.

These five tools offer a great foundation for increasing your landing page conversion, sales and leads. Just remember, landing page optimization is an ongoing process, and if you don’t convert everybody, you always have room to improve.


Join Us in London at the 2012 Omniture Summit

May 3, 2012

Adobe Omniture Digital Marketing Summit EMEA 2012
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omniture 2012 Join Us in London at the 2012 Omniture SummitCome join us at Europe’s leading digital marketing and advertising event, home to over 1,500 digital marketing, ecommerce and web analytics professionals. This is a great venue to gain insights into industry specific business challenges and money making best practices so you don’t want to miss out.

And, of course, we would love to see you there icon smile Join Us in London at the 2012 Omniture Summit Comment below to schedule a time to meet.

Top 7 New Year’s Resolutions For Your Website

Talya Rachel Judovits
January 13, 2012

This past holiday season, Cyber Monday became the single top spending day in history, raking in an impressive $1.25 billion. Little by little ebusinesses are doing their homework, getting a deeper look into the online customer experience, improving site navigation, optimizing online forms, and paying attention to usability and optimal design. Round of applause, please.

Yes, yes, this is all very well and good. But, each new year triggers new web standards and design trends, and 2012 is no different.

black friday2 Top 7 New Year’s Resolutions For Your Website

Over the past year, ClickTale has worked with and helped an elite group of etravel heavy weights, to get ready for the influx of holiday travel visitor traffic. After gathering over 23 million visitor recordings of data during this time, we have documented, defined, and now we deliver a powerful knowledge base of actionable steps to improve your own site’s performance for 2012 in our Online Travel Best Practices Whitepaper.

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Get a Copy of our Online Travel Whitepaper for 2012!

October 27, 2011

travel cover thumb7 Get a Copy of our Online Travel Whitepaper for 2012!Exciting news! We are kicking off a series of industry profiling whitepapers. Our first whitepaper is an in-depth analysis of the online travel industry and best practices for 2012, where we identify main user profiles, describe their usage patterns, and how to optimize your website according to each user profile. Spoil your visitors and increase conversions along the way! Learn how to differentiate your brand in the saturated market of online travel.

If you are interested in getting an advanced copy, please contact us for more details.



How to Get Better Google Rankings from Your PPC Campaigns

Alon Weinstein
October 5, 2011

google adwords post How to Get Better Google Rankings from Your PPC CampaignsLinking your PPC ad keywords to relevant landing pages visitors actually want to see is a BIG DEAL!! And Google agrees. So much so, that in the next couple weeks, Google is rewarding e-businesses for good behavior and complying with this crucial best practice.

What’s Happening?

Google’s coming out with a global new algorithm that gives more weight to landing page quality when determining your AdWords Quality Score. Therefore, a higher ranking for lower cost-per-click bids will be granted to landing pages that Google deems most relevant to a visitor’s original query.

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Does Length Matter – Long or Short Pages?

July 27, 2011

measuring time by Louise Docker1 Does Length Matter   Long or Short Pages?

Do you know what content and exactly how much content should be on your webpages? I know, tough question. You can drive traffic from any number of search engines, lead generators, campaigns etc. However, once visitors arrive to your site, engaging them and keeping them wanting more – that’s the tricky part.

Page length is one of those determining factors that can either engage your visitors or drive them away.

How do you determine the different lengths of a page?

Short Pages = All content is generally located above the fold.

Medium Sized Pages = Need to scroll down below the fold 2-3 times using the scroll wheel on your mouse to see all content.

Long Pages = Need to scroll down below the fold 3+ times using the scroll wheel on your mouse to see all content.

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Form Optimization Webinar Review and Live Recording!

Shmuli Goldberg
July 19, 2011

Thanks to everyone who tuned in for our Form Conversion Webinar. Online forms are an incredibly important component of the conversion process, making it crucial to maximize their conversion potential.

If an online form is not meeting the needs or expectations of your visitors, converting customers becomes that much harder. Understanding where and why your visitors encounter trouble is the first step to form optimization.

We were happy to receive great feedback from our webinar participants about our best practices and Forms Analytics Suite, providing online businesses with tools to build, design and optimize their online forms.

For those of you who missed out, you can check out the webinar below. We look forward to hearing more of your feedback icon smile Form Optimization Webinar Review and Live Recording!

UX Optimization Webinar Tomorrow!

July 13, 2011

Are Your Forms Performing?

We’re hosting a FREE UX Optimization Webinar tomorrow, July 14th at 11am EST to help you find out!

To Reserve Your Webinar Seat, Click HERE

Forms are a huge part of the conversion process and therefore need to be consistently optimized to meet visitor needs and dynamic online behavior. ClickTale’s Form Analytics Suite is a tool that helps you get this job done easily, efficiently, and effectively.

This webinar gives you the behind the scenes best practices that you may not have yet discovered and help you gain more from your analytics solution.

You definitely do not want to miss out!

UX Optimization Webinar: Are Your Forms Performing?

July 4, 2011

conversion report form analytics webinar UX Optimization Webinar: Are Your Forms Performing?

Whether a checkout, a contact us, or a download, online forms are a large part of e-business success. However, if an online form is not meeting the needs or expectations of your visitors, converting customers becomes that much harder. Understanding where and why your visitors encounter trouble is the first step to form optimization.

Form Analytics is an essential tool that lets you learn and zoom in on exactly this. ClickTale’s own Form Analytics suite is dedicated entirely to helping you see exactly how to optimize your online forms and avoid visitor stumbling blocks.

ClickTale is hosting a FREE webinar dedicated entirely to showing you exactly what can be done with the powerful data your visitors are providing you. Learn what simple improvements can be implemented in your form redesigns that can have a huge impact on your bottom-line. This will take place on:

Thursday, July 14th @ 11am EST

To Register, Click HERE

We will feature a special guest speaker, Peter Tyler of Freestyle Accounting that will share how he was able to achieve his own form optimization using ClickTale.

Remember, space is limited, so reserve your spot today!

We are looking forward icon smile UX Optimization Webinar: Are Your Forms Performing?

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