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Case Study: The Organic Dish

“Our business is all about taking care of our customers.  ClickTale has played a pivotal role in allowing us to do that better on our website.” – Toby Hemmerling, Co-Founder … Read More

Case Study: Rotating Signature and BABEHQ

“Knowing how a user interacts with your website can be of enormous value!” – T. Hambach, Founder A Google search for web analytics services brought T. Hambach to ClickTale.  … Read More

Case Study: House of Seats

“I think every website should use ClickTale to improve usability and user experience. I already recommended this service to all of my colleagues!” – Yuval Barkai, CEO is … Read More

Case Study:

“Thanks to ClickTale I can watch my web users, and change the content and the graphics based on their moves” -Johnny Vaccaro, Founder  Video gamers in the market for … Read More

On Browsers, Countries and Browsing Speed

Today I have decided to study the relationship between browsers, countries and browsing speed. For starters, let me explain how ClickTale measures browsing speed. What we do is measure the … Read More