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Gear Up For More Online Sales This Winter!

Gear Up For Winter Online Sales

Hail, sleet, snow, blizzards …yes, this is indeed terrible weather if you have a flight to catch, a dog to walk, or Chinese take-out to deliver. However, if you are … Read More

Instantly access a wide range of traffic trends and user statistics of your most important webpages.

Perfect Your Web Page Analysis

Today, we are excited to introduce the ClickTale Page Console, providing key performance indicators for webpages based on visitors’ actual behavior inside the page. Monitor high level performance and drill … Read More

ClickTale Mouse Move Heatmaps let you anonymously and seamlessly test thousands of users for a fraction of the cost of regular eye tracking studies.

ClickTale Year in Review

New Year’s Business Resolution #1: I shall not cause my visitors any frustration online. Great job, etailers, on a successful online shopping season! If you are not completely satisfied with … Read More

Use Mouse Move Heatmaps to see how visitors are interacting with your content.

Rock Your Blog Using Website Heatmaps

Guest Article by Billy Attar Professional blogging is an integral part of many businesses’ marketing agendas. Successful blogs can bring visitors to your site, spark interest in your products, and … Read More