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For those of you who haven’t visited in a while, now’s a great time to try it out, as we’ve completely overhauled our entire site. We’ve cleaned out and … Read More


ClickTale’s Holiday Give-Away

Win up to $250 to spend at the Apple store! We’ve had a great 2009! We’ve launched some incredible products and helped tens of thousands of businesses optimize their websites. … Read More

The Mouse Move Heatmap on our homepage tells us exactly what content our visitors look at

Eye Tracking for Everyone

“The definitive method for conducting accurate eye-tracking on a massive scale at a fraction of the cost” Today, ClickTale is launching its new Mouse Move Heatmap, which is set to … Read More

Case Study: The Organic Dish

“Our business is all about taking care of our customers.  ClickTale has played a pivotal role in allowing us to do that better on our website.” – Toby Hemmerling, Co-Founder … Read More

ClickTale Heatmaps

Today, we are officially announcing the release of the ClickTale Heatmaps, a brand new way to visually understand your website visitors’ browsing behavior. With the new Heatmaps, website owners can … Read More