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As a Clicktale solution partner, you gain access to a variety of resources to help you grow your organization’s customer experience practice and offerings. We welcome eligible resellers and professional services providers to our partner program.

Clicktale taps into the wisdom and behavior of millions of visitors so that businesses can drive superior digital experiences. Complex behavioral patterns are synthesized based on millisecond-level actions (such as hovers and scrolls), enabling businesses to interpret their customers’ digital body language and understand intent.

The pioneer in Experience Analytics, Clicktale marries cognitive computing, machine learning and psychological research to automatically surface issues and answer questions that keep executives up at night. With unique behavioral data, clear visualizations, and world-class customer experience expertise, Clicktale is driving the “Experience Era” at the world’s leading brands.

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Why partner with Clicktale?

Market leadership

Partner with the world’s first cloud-based Experience Analytics solution, with an unmatched reputation for delivering a competitive edge to global Fortune 500 customers such as Walmart, The Royal Bank of Scotland, Microsoft, and Lenovo. 

Training and enablement

Clicktale’s world-class consulting organization and sales executives have deep domain expertise, strong industry backgrounds and insights gained from working with hundreds of the world’s leading brands, that are passed on to you.

Superior accuracy

Make the right decisions every time with patented behavioral technology that’s the most accurate on the market.


Clicktale’s robust and scalable cloud architecture enables superior customer experience management for the most complex digital properties.

Powerful integrations

Our pre-built integrations with leading marketing, analytics and voice-of-customer solutions eliminate silos, allowing businesses to blend Clicktale behavioral data with data from other solutions and translate it into insights that lead to ROI.

Ironclad security and privacy

Clicktale ensures the highest security standards with frequent security audits, maximum privacy policies, and ISO 27001 certification.




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