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Why do enterprises choose Clicktale?

For brands today, customer experience is king and digital a mandate. However, when it comes to creating a compelling digital experience, brands are making decisions in the dark.

Clicktale lights up the digital world, revealing consumer behavior, needs and intent. With a powerful customer experience management platform that does what other marketing and analytics solutions can’t, we enable the world’s leading brands to:

Know every customer

See the individuals behind the data by stepping into their shoes and experiencing your digital touchpoints as they do. Watch high-fidelity replays of individual sessions and visualize the behavior of thousands via data-rich heatmaps to reveal customers’ struggles, understand their intent, and help them achieve their goals.

Transform data into meaning

Exponentially increase the value of your marketing technology investments by uncovering the meaning behind the data and translating it into insights with high ROI.

Impact business results

Deliver significant value for your business by quickly identifying, prioritizing and removing friction points in the customer journey and finding new ways to make each customer successful.


With superior accuracy, limitless scalability, and ironclad security & privacy, our platform is trusted by the world's leading brands and designed to handle the most complex digital touchpoints, no matter the device.

As the world’s first cloud-based Experience Management solution, we have an unmatched reputation for delivering a competitive edge to Fortune 500 customers such as Walmart, UBS, Microsoft, and Lenovo.  Our patented technologies and powerful integrations, combined with the deep expertise of our customer experience consultants and digital psychology team ensure brands are empowered with the insights needed to delight their customers, win their market and achieve digital success.

Clicktale.  Light up the digital world.

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