On e-commerce websites and apps, where every micro-change can measurably impact revenues, merchants face a multitude of unanswered user experience questions, such as:

What is causing abandonment?

High shopping cart abandonment rate (~70%) is a constant headache for digital merchants. How would revenues be impacted if we could see and pinpoint the exact causes?

Does personalization work?

Now that we’ve invested in the technology to create personalized offers and content, how can we gauge ROI from this new revenue channel more effectively?

Is our navigation working?

With so much content and such a broad service offering, how can we be sure consumers are finding their way optimally through our site or our app?

Is customer experience optimized across all devices/channels?

People access our site from multiple devices. How do we optimize the e-commerce user experience for our omnichannel digital customers, regardless of device/channel?

Our Customers

By empowering B&Q to understand its customers and optimize their e-commerce UX more quickly and accurately than ever before, Clicktale helped B&Q achieve: Millions of pounds in annual uplift for rapid ROI, 75% reduction in time-to-optimization, increased ROI on its analytics ecosystem, a stronger and more proactively customer-centric culture.


1-800 Contacts is the largest retailer of contact lenses in the United States, with over 30 million orders filled for over eight million customers. The online powerhouse leveraged Clicktale’s ROI-focused insights, together with workflow integrations across the entire analytics ecosystem, to raise mobile e-commerce conversion rates by 4.3% for 115% ROI within two months.


The North Face offers technically advanced products to accomplished climbers, mountaineers, snowsport athletes, endurance athletes, and more. The North Face team sensed a problem with the performance of their shopping cart page and turned to Clicktale to understand the "why." Clicktale pinpointed the issue, shopping cart abandonment dropped, and conversions went up by 62%.


Without Clicktale, the site redesign process would have taken much longer and been less successful in increasing conversion. Why would anyone redesign a site based on instincts when you can get the facts to create experiences that customers crave?” Carolina GomesDirector of E-Commerce, JanSport
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