Financial Services 

Banks, credit card and insurance organizations are required to comply with strict, constantly-evolving regulations, which lead to many digital customer experience challenges, such as:

How to encourage consumers to complete long forms?

Complex financial services and insurance packages like mortgages and home owners insurance require lots of information. Why are consumers dropping, mid-form?

How to best convey our commitment to security?

With cyberattacks and data leakage prominently making news, how exactly do customers perceive our efforts to reassure them about privacy and security?

Is site/app navigation working?

With so much content and such a broad service offering, how can we be sure visitors are finding their way through our site/app in an optimal manner?

How to lower the burden on the call center?

Online support is efficient and highly cost-effective. How can we optimize the customer experience for financial services to ensure that they opt for our online support channels?

Our Customers

By leveraging Clicktale insights and seamless integration with Adobe Analytics, Hello bank! improved the customer experience of researching and signing up for banking services. The result? 51% increase in registrations completed.


MetLife, Inc is a leading global provider of insurance, annuities, and employee benefit programs, serving customers in 50 countries. With Clicktale, MetLife ensures that its customers are achieving their digital goals, and finding the experience enjoyable. Watch MetLife discuss how Clicktale helps deliver a superior digital customer experience for its insurance customers.


For an insurance company, a sale is not always a success. It is not about money in your pocket, but about risk. That’s why Clicktale Psychological Analytics was important to us. Clicktale helped us understand the difference in behavior between Profitable and Nonprofitable customer segments.”
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