ClickTale Year in Review

ClickTale Mouse Move Heatmaps let you anonymously and seamlessly test thousands of users for a fraction of the cost of regular eye tracking studies.

New Year’s Business Resolution #1: I shall not cause my visitors any frustration online. Great job, etailers, on a successful online shopping season! If you are not completely satisfied with … Read More

Rock Your Blog Using Website Heatmaps

Use Mouse Move Heatmaps to see how visitors are interacting with your content.

Guest Article by Billy Attar Professional blogging is an integral part of many businesses’ marketing agendas. Successful blogs can bring visitors to your site, spark interest in your products, and … Read More

Making First Impressions Count


Much time and money often goes into directing traffic to your website, usually to landing pages. By optimizing the landing page design, you can increase the conversion of your visitors … Read More

Why Needs ClickTale

amazon-scroll, the world’s largest online retailer and internet icon, had no trouble amassing an impressive $24.5 billion in annual revenue just last year. However, navigating “the Amazon” can still be … Read More

Happy Thanksgiving from ClickTale!

ClickTale homepage through the years...

This Thanksgiving, ClickTale has much to be thankful for, as we celebrate our 4th year of business with over 50,000 customers worldwide! Because Every User Has a Story… ClickTale has … Read More

Drill-Down into Why Visitors Don’t Convert


Today we are thrilled to announce the launch of the ClickTale Conversion Funnel Drill-Down, an industry first in combining conversion funnels with visitor session playback. Our unique Drill-Down capability allows … Read More

A Brief History of Web Analytics


As this year celebrates the 20th anniversary of the World Wide Web, we thought it fitting to reflect on the pioneering efforts of web optimization and the building blocks of … Read More

How to Use Conversion Funnel Analysis


Last month, ClickTale was pleased to announce the exciting launch of our Conversion Funnels, revolutionizing the way online businesses optimize their websites. In this post we will go through how … Read More

Thanksgiving Deals from ClickTale!

Happy Thanksgiving by Zach Dalzell

Thank you to all our customers who took advantage of our great offer! Our Thanksgiving discounts have now ended. We appreciate your interest in ClickTale and welcome any questions or … Read More