We Increased our Bookings by 345%


“We’ve already noticed our conversion rate has TRIPPLED, and the number of clicks required to convert has reduced dramatically.” – Ben Sebborn, Director, Skiddle Ltd. Skiddle, one of the UK’s … Read More

How to Cut Form Abandonments by 50%


By: Ollie Pennington, Director, ServiceSeeking.com.au ServiceSeeking.com.au helps Australians get projects done by having businesses compete head to head for their work. The most important page on our site is the … Read More

What have we done for you lately?

We wanted to let you know that we’ve been busy adding new capabilities and features to ClickTale, and hope that you find them useful while optimizing your website’s usability and … Read More

ClickTale, now on Magento

ClickTale has developed a module that will integrate tightly with Magento, the feature-rich, enterprise-grade eCommerce platform, to enable ebusinesses to reduce shopping cart abandonment. If you’re not familiar with Magento, … Read More