A Maslow’s Hierarchy for the Digital World?

Hierarcy of Digital Needs

This blog post came out of a discussion between myself and Liraz Margalit, Customer Experience Psychologist for ClickTale, who originally suggested the concept of the ‘Digital Hierarchy of Needs’.  Maslow … Read More

3 Small Changes that Will Transform Cart Checkout

online shopping

In today’s commodity-hyped age, where every website is trying to garner more traffic and online sales, the e-commerce cart and checkout facility has become the cornerstone of any successful online … Read More

The 3 Golden Rules of Sticky Navigation

Sticky Navigation banner

Opinions on sticky headers and sticky navigation are quite controversial. Some claim it drags a person’s attention away from what they’re reading. Others believe they’re essential to the structure and … Read More

Is Your Digital Customer Experience as Good as You Think?

customer experience

In our recent blog post (What is Digital Customer Experience and Why Does it Matter?) we raised some of the main challenges facing Digital Customer Experience professionals in the enterprise. … Read More