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Can a financial services site be sexy?

How to create on-site experiences that don’t just meet customers’ needs … but are actually pleasu...


Experience Analytics for the Enterprise

A platform for experience innovation, the Clicktale Experience Cloud answers anything. A combinat...


TELUS makes the most of each customer journey

With Clicktale, TELUS leverages every single customer journey - and raised conversions by 5% in t...

Use Case

Why you can't afford to leave CX out of your situation room

CX insight is essential for retailers who want to keep registers pinging during peak sales times.

Case Study

1-800 Contacts sees more clearly with Clicktale

Clicktale helped this online retailer improve website monetization, increase revenues and LTV.

Case Study

The North Face strikes gold with customer experience insight

Clicktale improves website monetization by helping The North Face see their site as visitors see it.

Case Study

Abercrombie & Fitch set the trend with customer experience success

Armed with clear Clicktale visualizations, A&F improved conversion rates by optimizing its site.


Using Customer Experience to monetize web analytics segments

Lenovo depends on Clicktale + Adobe Analytics for keen insights into their most valued segments.


Fast track your web optimization ROI

Learn how improving the user experience can increase your website monetization.


It's all in the details: create successful website monetization

Sometimes even small changes can increase online conversion rates and improve website monetization.

Use Case

How to get every shopper to the checkout

Psychological research reveals the specifics of digital personality types and behaviors, and enab...


Webinar: Insider tips from digital retail leader

While digital retail grows rapidly, hard facts are scarce. How can you know what works? Hear from...

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