Use Case

Clicktale’s integration with Voice of Customer

Clicktale's two-way integration with Voice of Customer solutions add a visual layer to your analy...

Use Case

Transform your live chat into an experience engine

Companies that leverage Clicktale experience analytics to understand digital journeys through the...


Leading digital optimization expert discusses Clicktale

Dieter Davis, web analytics expert, tells how Clicktale humanizes the digital consumer journey.


Test like a hawk

Leverage customer experience data to make A/B Testing faster, more focused and more informative.


Adobe Analytics-Clicktale; Better digital customer experience

Leveraging the Clicktale-Adobe Analytics integration to benefit your business.


Clicktale and Adobe successful integration presented by YBS

How YBS added an extra layer of insight into customer activity on their digital assets.


Enhance A/B testing with Optimizely & Clicktale

How integrating Clicktale and Optimizely helped Forbes eliminate guesswork from A/B testing.


Adobe Analytics-Clicktale integration; Windstream use case

At last, fact-based insight for marketers on why some Adobe segments convert while others bounce.


Jim Sterne on how Clicktale helps make the web better

Jim Sterne on the value of matching behavior, data and VOC analytics for sites and apps.

Use Case

Event triggered recorder

Track experience of each visitor from their arrival on site, keep only what counts.


Opinionlab Integration: Making feedback matter more

Identify issues that trigger voice of customer feedback based on data, not speculation.

Case Study

Live chat + experience management: The dream team for website success

Customer experience insights before, during and after chats, right from your LivePerson dashboard.

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