Answer Anything 

Whether it's questions you ask daily or the ones you've yet to think of, the Clicktale Experience Cloud cracks your most critical customer challenges and helps innovate superior experiences on desktop and mobile.

Solve burning customer questions.

Surface issues and opportunities that affect business results with the Clicktale Experience Cloud, our platform for experience innovation. By capturing every visitor interaction, micro-gesture and attribute in real-time, at scale, across desktop and mobile, we enable brands to align the experiences they deliver with the ones their visitors seek. Personalized workspaces enable digital stakeholders to identify deviations in key KPIs and act on them quickly. 


Quantify the business impact of your customers' experiences.

Bring better experiences to market faster with in-page pathing. Quantify the financial impact of visitor behavior and uncover paths leading to success. Identify problematic sequences in session recordings, and pinpoint the critical junctures or patterns preventing conversion. With Clicktale's data enrichment process, detect positive and negative experiences, visitor loyalty levels, form friction, conversion vs. struggle paths, lead quality, cues signaling deception and more.


Uncover visitor intent with intuitive visualizations.

From the aggregate level to the individual, Clicktale’s powerful visualizations engender empathy with your customers. We quickly identify, measure and show why visitors behave the way they do.


Transform rich data and digital body language into meaningful experience wins.

Detect positive/negative experiences and interpret the intent behind every customer interaction with Clicktale’s rich behavioral data, cognitive computing, and psychological research. Our proprietary data enrichment process can detect positive and negative visitor mindsets, loyalty levels, form friction, conversion vs. struggle paths, lead quality, and cues signaling deception. 


Trust the platform supporting the world’s most sophisticated and secure digital properties.

Clicktale’s platform is trusted by global Fortune 500 leaders with the world’s most stringent security and performance requirements. Our robust architecture can automatically and cost-effectively handle large, unpredictable workloads, seasonal traffic-growth and immense surges, with ZERO effect on UX or page load times. ISO 27001 compliance and regular 3rd-party penetration testing confirm our adherence to the highest standards in information security and privacy policies.

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