Clicktale Experience Cloud for Apps

Gain unparalleled insights into user behavior, needs and intent. A comprehensive engagement and app experience analytics solution, Clicktale Experience Cloud for Apps uncovers the fastest ways to improve your app UX to engage and retain every user.

Session Replays

Visualize the user experience for top-level UX insights.

Watch replays of users’ app sessions to gain “aha” insights of exactly what they’re seeing and doing in your app, both in portrait and landscape modes. Review a visual, chronological list of user actions to enable proactive, strategic UX optimizations based on actual user behavior and needs.


Experience Center

Uncover your most pressing UX and funnel issues.

Visualize all key user experience analytics metrics over time and correlate them to specific business flows for your app. Configure views for the KPIs of each stakeholder – executives, app developers, product owners, analysts – so each person can quickly analyze and take action to improve business KPIs.


Influential Segments & Customized Filters

See the outliers affecting KPIs per screen. 

Gain insights into the most influential user segments per app screen, honing in on outliers to understand success rates by segment. Investigate how experiences affect app business goals over time and easily spot deviations to prioritize optimization efforts. With powerful user segmenting capabilities, filter users by such criteria as ‘conversion according to OS type,’ ‘crashes on checkout screen,’ and countless others so you can uncover the most relevant session replays.

Crash Trends

Find sources of frustration impeding your users from achieving their goals. 

Get reports showing crash trends in your app and drill from these reports into session replays to view the exact experience of the user leading up to the crash.

Additional Benefits

Minimal impact on performance

We minimize usage of CPU, storage and bandwidth by giving you flexibility: opt to sync data only when connected to WiFi, or adjust the frames captured per second for session recordings. 

Powerful integrations across the app ecosystem

Uncover deep insights and understand the context of the data you’re getting from your existing app ecosystem, including analytics, VoC, application performance monitoring (APM), and crash reporting tools. 

World-class mobile UX experts

Partner with our best-in-class, Customer Experience Consultants to gain deep expertise, industry knowledge, and app UX insights to win and retain your users.

Full privacy control

Maintain complete control over which edit boxes, images, or other elements are captured in recordings.

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