Digital Psychology

Clicktale adds the psychological, or human, layer to Experience Analytics, enabling brands to truly see and empathize with their customers.

The brands that will win in today’s market are the ones who can understand their customers’ emotions and intent. That’s why psychology has always been at the core of what we do at Clicktale.

When interacting with other people, we receive and analyze a huge amount of information by observing their body language. Our brain automatically analyzes non-verbal cues such as facial expressions, gestures, tone of voice, stance and eye contact — and makes decisions based on this data.

Digital body language is a combination of all the digital gestures and micro-signals made by customers, from which we can identify patterns and anomalies to infer behavior, mindset and intent. Adding the psychological – or human – layer, enables brands to truly see and empathize with the customer behind the clicks, and thus deliver superior digital experiences.

By combining our rich data with machine learning and applied psychological research, Clicktale’s digital psychology approach helps brands:

  • Understand different visitor types, hone in on their goals, and refine content and messaging accordingly
  • Uncover unconscious factors in the environment that affect visitors’ behavior and decisions
  • Correlate behavioral/psychological factors to purchasing decisions
  • Identify habit loops and motivate visitors to create new habits (more purchases, higher engagement, etc.)
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