App Analytics

Gain unparalleled insights into user behavior, needs and intent. A comprehensive engagement and app analytics solution for understanding your omnichannel users, App Analytics helps uncover the fastest ways to improve your app UX and engage and retain every user.

Session Replays

Visualize the user experience for top-level UX insights.

Watch replays of users’ app sessions to gain “aha” insights of exactly what they’re seeing and doing in your app, both in portrait and landscape modes. With our app analytics tools, see each and every action your users are taking, enabling proactive, strategic UX optimizations based on actual user behavior and needs.

Crash Reports

Find sources of frustration impeding your users from achieving their goals. 

Get detailed crash reports showing the exact line in the code where the crash occurred, and drill from those reports into session replays to view the exact experience of the user leading up to the app crash. API error logs and exceptions are available through the SDK.

Analytics and Insights

Zoom into the app usage information that matters for your growth and retention objectives. 

Get clear calls-to-action with dashboards and app analytics tools that monitor the growth and retention of your user base, both on an aggregate level and by cohort. Divide users into segments based on characteristics, device types and models, historical release versions of your applications, app-specific milestones, or predefined events.


Uncover the most valuable assets in your app.

Leverage high-fidelity touch heatmaps to gain true insight into user interactions with your app’s screens and features. Quickly uncover usage patterns and identify the elements with which users most engage vs. what escapes their attention. Focus and prioritize your product development roadmap on the enhancements with the highest ROI impact for customer success.

Push Notifications

Send targeted messages to bring your users further down the funnel.

Close the loop by reengaging users who haven't taken the next step on a typical user journey. Leverage all your app analytics data by sending targeted push notifications that foster loyalty or reengage with a frustrated user. Synchronize user information with your CRM systems for cross-channel customer engagement and service.

Additional Benefits

Zero impact on performance

We minimize usage of CPU, storage and bandwidth by giving you flexibility: opt to sync data only when connected to WiFi, or adjust the frames captured per second for session recordings. Capture app user experiences even when devices are offline.

Start seeing data within minutes

Our all-in-one SDK for iOS and Android provides an easy, scalable solution for deploying a comprehensive set of user experience app analytics and engagement capabilities. Implementation is an engineering-friendly, pain-free process and you’ll start seeing data immediately. 

World-class mobile UX experts

Partner with our best-in-class, Customer Experience Consultants to gain deep expertise, industry knowledge, and app UX insights to win and retain your users.

Full privacy control

Maintain complete control over which edit boxes, images, or other elements are captured in recordings.

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